Julyda Lagimodiere
Vice President, Thompson Region
Minister of Justice

Julyda Lagimodiere was elected to MMF Cabinet for her first term in June of 2003 as Board of Director for The Thompson Region. Following her first term, Minister Lagimodiere was elected in 2006 as Regional Vice President for The Thompson Region and has held that position for four consecutive terms. Minister Lagimodiere has been an elected official for the Manitoba Métis Federation Government for 18 years.

Minister Lagimodiere is currently the Minister of Justice for the MMF. Previous portfolios have included Associate Minister of Justice for her first term and Associate Minister of Health for a brief period in 2014.

Prior to her involvement in MMF Cabinet, Minister Lagimodiere served as a member of the Local Management Board, the Local Chair for Thompson Local, and was a representative and board member for the Métis Women when it was in existence.

Minister Lagimodiere moved to Thompson with her parents in 1966, where she attended high school. Later, she went on to obtain a university degree in Science and a diploma in Social Work and Public Sector Management. Minister Lagimodiere worked at the University College of the North in Thompson until she retired in 2012.

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