Minister: David Chartrand
Associate Minister: Denise Thomas

Additions to Reserve and Treaty Land Entitlement

The Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) and Canada have engaged in a consultation process to identify the potential impacts which proposed addition of lands to First Nation Reserves in Manitoba will have on the rights, claims, and interests of our Red River Métis Citizens. The MMF continues the work of minimizing the impacts associated with ATR/TLE by engaging Manitoba Métis Citizens and identifying potential impacts on a site-by-site basis. The MMF has held several community meetings to explain the ATR/TLE process, inform Red River Métis Citizens of proposed Additions to reserves, and acquire input, concerns, and priorities to ensure Red River Métis perspectives are highlighted during ongoing consultation.

Federal Land Disposals and Divestitures

In 2013, the Supreme Court of Canada found that the federal government breached the honour of the Crown, as it failed to implement the long outstanding contract of lands owed to the Manitoba Métis. This history helps inform the MMF's work regarding Crown Lands.

Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is responsible for disposing and divesting federally owned lands that are deemed "surplus" and no longer necessary for Crown purposes. The MMF and PSPC engage in a process where PSPC identifies and notifies the MMF of federal land to be disposed or divested in the near future. Notifications of newly identified disposals/divestitures are communicated through monthly updates between MMF staff and PSPC.

Previously, PSPC's Real Property Directive placed Indigenous Nations in a lower position in the priority circulation scale when disposing of federal surplus properties. The Treasury Board of Canada recognized this de-prioritization of Indigenous interests and adjusted their Management of Real Property Directive in a Policy Suite Reset. Indigenous Nations are now situated in the same position as federal departments, agent Crown corporations, as well as provincial and municipal governments.

Kivahiktuq Agreement

The MMF has engaged with Crown Indigenous Relations & Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC) regarding the proposed Kivahiktuq Agreement. The Kivahiktuq Agreement is a trilateral lands claims agreement between Canada, Manitoba, and the Inuit, and sets out Inuit harvesting, land ownership, and other related rights within a specifi ed area of Northeastern Manitoba. The MMF has been working with legal counsel to navigate discussions with Canada and to ensure Red River Métis rights, claims, and interests are protected.

This fiscal year, the MMF held a community meeting specific to the Kivahiktuq Agreement in Thompson and Churchill to consult with Red River Métis Citizens. Following the meetings, the MMF summarized what we heard in a Feedback Report that will be utilized in future discussions with CIRNAC.

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