ICSP TK Interviews

January 31, 2022

"Do you have traditional historical, or current knowledge or use of the lands within or around the Saskatchewan River Delta? If so, the MMF would love to interview you!

The Energy Infrastructure and Resource Management department is looking for Red River Métis to participate in a Traditional Knowledge, Land-Use and Occupancy study (TKLUO) with virtual interviews running from Monday February 7th to Friday February 11th - that's NEXT WEEK!

Are you wondering what kind of questions we will be asking? Our goal is to document harvesting practices, culturally important sites, sensitive or important plants, changes to the land, and any other stories you would like to share.

Please contact Nicole Lischynski - Environment and Climate Change Coordinator via email at nicole.lischynski@mmf.mb.ca to secure your interview spot, or if you have any questions about this opportunity!

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