Louis Riel's people: Honouring our Champions of Democracy

November 12, 2021

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Louis Riel Commemoration Ceremony
November 16, 2021
11:00 am
St. Boniface Basilica Grounds


Emcee, Manitoba Metis Federation Minister Will Goodon

Opening Prayer, Elder Linda St. Cyr -Saric

Arrival of Dignitaries

Emcee Manitoba Metis Federation Minister Will Goodon Welcoming Remarks

Emcee Manitoba Metis Federation Minister Will Goodon invites honoured guests to lay their wreaths

Elder Linda St. Cyr- Saric, Opening Prayer

The Honourable Heather Stefanson, Premier of Manitoba

Mr. Wab Kinew, New Democratic Party, Leader of Official Opposition

Mr. Dougald Lamont, Liberal Party, Leader of the Liberal Party of Manitoba

His Worship Mayor Brian Bowman, City of Winnipeg

Ms. Adrienne Carriere, Board of Director & Vice Spokeswoman, Infinity Women Secretariat

Minister Anita Campbell, On behalf of Manitoba Metis Federation President David Chartrand


Mr. Terry Duguid, Member of Parliament, Winnipeg South

Inspector Cathy Light, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Chief Danny Smyth, Winnipeg Police Service

Metis Veterans Legacy Program Commission

MMF Cabinet

Closing Prayer, Elder Linda St. Cyr -Saric

The Order of Dignitaries is subject to change without notice


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