Minister Vincent Mark Parenteau

Mark Vincent Parenteau is a devoted single father of 2 children; Aurora and Damian who was born and raised in Thompson, Manitoba in a family of 6.

Through his love in working for the Thompson local he decided to run for MMF Cabinet and further support the local in every way possible.

Minister Parenteau was elected to his first Ministerial position in the MMF Cabinet as the Associate Minister of Natural Resources during his first term, and in the 2018 election has since been appointed the Minister of Environment & Mining for his second term.

Minister Parenteau has previously worked as a Carpentry Instructor through the Thompson Youth Build Program, providing a positive educational environment which aids in supporting marginalized youth aged 18-29 as they prepare to enter adulthood.

He is an active member of the Snowmobile Club and the High North Drag Association where he sits as the President in Thompson, Manitoba.

Additionally, he is considered an avid outdoorsman; growing up manning the trap line with his family, enjoying fishing, camping, and hunting - all of which has fuelled a love and respect for the environment.

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