5 books available at the Red River Métis Marketplace

February 2, 2024

All of these books and more can be purchased at the Red River Métis Marketplace, located at 150 Henry Avenue.

The Manitoba Métis Federation is an active participant in encouraging readership in young people, with representatives of our government going to schools to read books to students, educating them about Red River Métis history and culture. Your Red River Métis Government encourages Citizens to share their stories, heritage, culture, and identity through the written word.

In honour of I Love to Read month, we have compiled a list of books that you can read with your kids that are fun and engaging, and feature authors drawing from their rich Red River Métis heritage. From stories exploring Red River Métis culture to works that feature both English and Michif, there truly is something for everyone to enjoy. And to top it off, we even have some suggested reads for once you've put the kids to bed.

Here are five books you can purchase at the Red River Métis Marketplace!

For Children

  1. Becoming Métis by Deborah L. Delaronde-Falk

Author Deborah Delaronde-Falk has drawn inspiration from her childhood in Duck Bay.

Synopsis: Seven-year-old Tiah knows that she is Métis, but what does it mean to be Métis? During her town's Métis Culture Days, a celebration that includes snowshoe racing, bannock making, and more, Tiah uses her strength and resources to discover her traditions and answer those questions that have been at the forefront of her mind.

About the author: Prolific Red River Métis author Deborah Delaronde-Falk has written numerous books and has even been awarded the Beatrice Mosionier Aboriginal Writer of the Year Award, which applauds an Indigenous author who not only reaches high levels of personal creation but also encourages other Indigenous authors in Manitoba. Her childhood in Duck Bay has inspired some of her books, which include other illustrated stories like A Name for a Métis, Little Métis and the Métis Sash, and Louis Riel Day: The Fur Trade Project.

  1. Do Unto Otters and Other Bedtime Rhymes by Grant S. Anderson

Grant Anderson's bedtime rhymes feature Métis communities like St. Laurent, children battling monsters under
their beds, bugs and jungle animals, and more!

Synopsis: Do Unto Otters and Other Bedtime Rhymes is a collection of children's poems that will keep your children enthralled in their whimsy before bed. With rhymes featuring Métis communities like St. Laurent, children battling monsters that live under their beds, bugs, jungle animals, and more, there is something for every child's interest in this storybook!

About the author: A storyteller, musician, and historian, Grant Anderson has spent his life immersed in his Red River Métis culture. Trapping, fishing, hunting, and gathering as an important part of his family's daily lives furthered his love for all things Red River Métis.

An active Red River Métis Citizen currently working as the Cultural Program Manager at the Louis Riel Institute, Anderson is also responsible for the creation of the Illustrated Métis History Series, used in classrooms across Manitoba and beyond.

  1. I Don't Like Bugs! by Edgar D. Desjarlais

Edgar Desjarlais has written an entertaining storybook that can be enjoyed in both English and Michif.

Synopsis: In this amusing illustrated story, a young boy, girl, and their dog try to enjoy the summer season despite the irritating intrusion of a variety of insects. From wasps in the air to ants in their picnic basket, the kids discover the best way to counter these bothersome pests. Published in 2016, I Don't Like Bugs! is told in both English and Michif - perfect for all Red River Métis children to enjoy!

About the author: Edgar Desjarlais was born and raised in Winnipeg. The local author and musician has been writing from an early age, even taking on the role of editor of his high school newsletter. He later edited the Winnipeg Friendship Centre's newsletter, the Masenayegun. While attending the University of Manitoba, Desjarlais excelled at writing essays and was rewarded by making the Faculty of Education Dean's Honour List. I Don't Like Bugs! is Desjarlais' second book for Pemmican Publications, following The 'Tobanz in 2003.

For Adults

  1. Buckle My Shoe by Maureen Flynn

Maureen Flynn's debut novel Buckle My Shoe is inspired by the author's fascination with the paranormal and Winnipeg lore.

Synopsis: In weaving her own modern story around enduring Winnipeg lore, Red River Métis Citizen Maureen Flynn shares a tale that's eerie, gritty, and provocative. When former detective Steve Ascot signs on at the Winnipeg Hotel as a security guard, he hopes this change will be the chance he needs to set his life back on track and banish an old ghost. The more time he spends in the hotel, he discovers another ghost - one with its own harrowing story to share.

About the author: Red River Métis freelance reporter and columnist Maureen Flynn has always had a fascination for the paranormal, inspiring her debut novel Buckle My Shoe. Her short story, "Last Call," published in the popular '90s book series Chicken Soup for the Soul: Finding Your Happiness. When Flynn is not writing, she spends time with her husband, children, extended family, and friends. She also enjoys exploring other creative outlets, including painting and photography.

  1. I Wanted to be Elvis, So What Was I Doing in Moose Jaw? by Ray St. Germain

Ray St. Germain is a legend within the Red River Métis music community and Manitoba entertainment industry.

Synopsis: In musician Ray St. Germain's non-fiction work of art, the former television and radio host opens his personal photo album and heart to readers providing an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at life in the entertainment industry. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this book captures every chapter of the performer's life in beautiful, full colour.

About the author: Ray St. Germain is one of Manitoba's most celebrated Red River Métis singer-songwriters and the former host of Métis Hour on NCI FM. With the nickname of "Winnipeg's Elvis," he has participated in over 500 television shows and has travelled to entertain the Armed Forces with his music. The Red River Métis music legend has won numerous awards spanning decades, including being inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame and receiving the Aboriginal Order of Canada.

After a lifetime of singing, entertaining, producing, and hosting television shows, he decided to share his life experiences through an autobiography. St. Germain has always been proud of his Red River Métis identity, known for his songs "I'm Mighty Proud I'm Métis" and "The Métis."

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