ACIP Urges International Action for the Release of Political Prisoners and Respect for Human Rights in Nicaragua

October 5, 2023

In light of recent developments surrounding the detention of Indigenous Leaders Brooklyn Rivera and Nancy Elizabeth Enriquez in Nicaragua, and the occupation of YATAMA offices and radio- stations in Bilwi and Waspam, we urgently call upon international governments, as well as esteemed bodies such as the United Nations and the Organization of American States (OAS), to exert their influence and put considerable pressure on the Nicaraguan government for their immediate release.

We also condemn the action by the Nicaraguan government to strip YATAMA of its legal status as a political party, and the companion stripping of Mr. Rivera and Ms. Henriquez's right to sit as elected member and alternate, respectively in Nicaragua's National Assembly.

Their unjust arrest and the precarious circumstances surrounding their detention demand immediate international attention and intervention. We beseech the global community to unite in a collective effort to secure their release and to advocate for the preservation of human rights in Nicaragua.

The principles of justice, human rights, and Indigenous rights are universal, transcending borders and political ideologies. It is incumbent upon the international community to stand in solidarity with Rivera and Henriquez and to hold the Nicaraguan government accountable for its actions.

We call upon international governments to use their diplomatic channels to communicate their concern and demand the immediate release of these two political prisoners. The Nicaraguan government must be made aware that the world is watching, and its actions will have consequences on the global stage.

Furthermore, we implore the United Nations and the Organization of American States to exercise their respective roles as champions of human rights and regional stability. Their involvement can serve as a beacon of hope for justice and fairness in this troubling situation.

The release of these two political prisoners is not only a matter of personal freedom but also a symbol of our collective commitment to Indigenous rights, human rights, and the preservation of justice. We believe that by uniting our voices and exerting international pressure, we can pave the way for a brighter future for Rivera and Henriquez, for Indigenous communities, and for human and political rights in Nicaragua.

We remain steadfast in our resolve and express our gratitude to the international community for its unwavering support in this critical endeavor.

President Clément Chartier
American Council of Indigenous Peoples (ACIP)


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