Christmas Cheer Board Receives Early Present Under the Tree - MMF Donates $50,000

December 17, 2020

Winnipeg, MB in the Homeland of the Métis Nation - The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) announces today that it increased its typical donation and will financially donate $50,000 to the Christmas Cheer Board.

The Christmas Cheer Board was established in 1919 to provide hampers and toys to those who lost loved ones in World War I. Shortly afterward, they realized that many other families needed additional help at Christmas. Today, the Christmas Cheer Board provides nearly 17,500 Christmas hampers each year.

"The Christmas Cheer Board's origins and present campaigns are very close to the heart of the Métis Nation - who value the importance of coming together as a community and opening the door for all, regardless of their walk of life. Many Winnipeggers struggle to make ends meet for various reasons during the Christmas season," commented MMF President David Chartrand. "It is with this in mind that the MMF continues to support this tremendous cause.

"However, we are in the midst of the most challenging time that any of us have faced, and likely will ever face. Charities are not unaffected by this, but rather are even more affected by this crisis as they lose donations and access to volunteers," added President Chartrand. "We are pleased to do our part by upping our financial donation and ensuring this crucial institution can continue to spread the Christmas spirit to many during a time in which we need it most.

"The Christmas Cheer Board is extremely grateful to the MMF and President David Chartrand for the generous donation to help people in need," said Kai Madsen, Executive Director of the Christmas Cheer Board. "$50,000 is a very large donation and helps a great deal. Rest assured, we shall spend it wisely making sure it is used where it helps the most, particularly with the Pandemic raging on."

"President Chartrand and his team have for many years, been there to help. Many MMF members come out to volunteer when needed," continued Madsen. "President Chartrand continues to be a beacon of hope for many; through the MMF many services are provided, such as social services, education, recreation, housing, health, and many more. Congratulations to all that makes this possible."

"On behalf of all the people we assist, the frontline volunteers and myself, the wish to all: stay safe, stay healthy, and have a Merry Christmas," Madsen concluded.

With this financial donation, the MMF continues the near 20-year commitment supporting the Christmas Cheer Board's efforts. Due to a lack of human resources, the Christmas Cheer Board announced that it is adapting to the pandemic and will be delivering vouchers rather than hampers this Christmas season.

"I would like to commend Kai Madsen for his leadership and dedication shown by adjusting their delivery method and continuing on with this great cause," stated President Chartrand.

"Manitoba is one of the most charitable provinces in Canada, and I encourage all Manitobans who are able to, to step up this year and give," continued President Chartrand. "By showing acts of kindness, we can make a difference. This is not about the Métis Nation; this is about all of us as proud Manitobans. Every child deserves to have a Christmas and we cannot let our children down during these challenging times."



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