Manitoba Métis Federation, City of Selkirk, and Rural Municipality of St. Andrews Sign First of Its Kind Memorandum of Understanding

May 22, 2024

On Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Selkirk, MB, in the National Homeland of the Red River Métis - The Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF), the City of Selkirk, and the Rural Municipality of St. Andrews (RM of St. Andrews) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to guide the deepening of the relationship between the municipalities and the National Government of the Red River Métis. The agreement will enhance collaboration and cooperation in the hopes of providing lasting benefits through business opportunities, job creation, tax revenues, and service fees, as well as infrastructure and other improvements.

A first of its kind, this tripartite agreement sets out the vision for a partnership to, among other things, extend the City of Selkirk water and wastewater services to MMF owned lands in the RM of St. Andrews north of the city. Provision of these services will facilitate the development and delivery of MMF government programs and services to its Citizens in the region.

With more than 30 percent of the City of Selkirk's population identifying as Indigenous, Selkirk has made working with Indigenous governments a priority to build a stronger community through economic development and participation.

"It's a proud day in Selkirk with the signing of what really is an historic agreement between the city, the Manitoba Métis Federation - the National Government of the Red River Métis - and the RM of St. Andrews," said Selkirk Mayor Larry Johannson. "With this Memorandum of Understanding signed, the City of Selkirk will provide water and sewer services directly to the MMF with the pipes running through our neighbours, the RM of St. Andrews. All of us are committed to working together in this partnership which will further economic development in the region. This aligns with our Strategic Plan that calls for Selkirk to be a regional service centre."

The agreement marks the first time Selkirk will provide water utility services outside of city limits and expand the provision of wastewater services in St. Andrews.

The RM of St. Andrews was pivotal in the success of the agreement, as the water and wastewater lines will run along Hwy. 320 through the municipality to the MMF's property. The MOU and related projects acknowledge the MMF as the National Government of the Red River Métis, rather than as a developer, and speak to the MMF's intention to play a more active and permanent role in the delivery of the services after installation.

"It is so exciting for the RM of St. Andrews to partner with MMF and the City of Selkirk," said Mayor Joy Sul. "This will create a beneficial relationship that will extend beyond this project and provide the framework for future endeavours.  We look forward to a successful partnership."

Through its government programs and services, and its economic activities, the MMF is making significant contributions to the City of Selkirk and RM of St. Andrews, and many other municipalities across Manitoba.

"The MMF is proud to partner with the City of Selkirk and the RM of St. Andrews to build and enhance services for our Citizens," said David Chartrand, President of the MMF. "Through positive working relationships like these, we are able to build understanding and create mutually beneficial partnership opportunities. Economic reconciliation creates prosperity for everyone. When all Canadians can understand that the act of sharing prosperity and opportunity is a cornerstone of Red River Métis culture and many other Indigenous cultures, we will see true advancement from coast to coast to coast. We thank our visionary partners in Selkirk and St. Andrews for sharing this journey toward prosperity with us."

Following the signing of the historic MOU, the City of Selkirk raised the Red River Métis flag at city hall as part of a permanent installation.

For more information, media may contact:

Kat Patenaude
Media Relations Advisor
Manitoba Métis Federation

Vanessa Figus
Manager, Citizen Engagement
City of Selkirk

Brent Olynyk
Chief Administrative Officer
RM of St. Andrews


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