Minister Goodon Reflects on Scottish Remembrance Day Service in Edinburgh

November 11, 2021

As the Manitoba Métis Government pauses today to remember our Veterans and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, our Cabinet Ministers who are out of the country took time to honour our veterans, ancestors and allies. Minister Will Goodon, who is in Scotland to attend the United Nations climate change conference, attended the Scottish national service in Edinburgh at the Poppy Garden.

"I arrived early and found myself surrounded by Scottish Veterans who were so welcoming to me as a Canadian and a Red River Métis citizen," said Minister Goodon. "The ceremony was moving in its honour."

Minister Goodon is a descendant of Cuthbert Grant and spoke with his new friends about the origins of the Métis Nation and the ties to Scotland. Wearing his beaded vest and handmade sash, he was approached by the organizers to ask if he was a Canadian veteran and if he would like to lay the Red River Métis sash he had brought.

"I told the organizers that I had four uncles who served and how proud I was of them," continued Minister Goodon. "When I was allowed to wrap the sash around the memorial site, I could feel the pride of those who came before, those willing to die for our country and I couldn't be more proud to represent our little Métis Nation today."

The Manitoba Métis Federation sends its warmest thoughts to all Veterans and those who did not come home, and their families today.


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