MMF Announces Multi-Million Dollar Financial Support Programs for Métis Students and Recent Grads

July 27, 2020

Winnipeg, Manitoba - Today, the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) launched two new programs to provide financial support for Métis post-secondary students and recent graduates. This includes approximately $10 million to support Métis students pursuing post-secondary education, and an additional $1.8 million dollars to support students who have been financially impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic with the MMF COVID-19 Emergency Student Assistance Program.

Through the Post-Secondary Education Support Program (PSESP), the MMF will provide $6.6 million to Métis students attending university during the 2020/2021 academic year. In addition, the MMF Metis Employment and Training Program estimates that it will invest an additional $4 million to fund Métis students in colleges and those Métis students in the last year of their University degree program.

Recognizing that Métis students have been hit hard by the COVID 19 pandemic, MMF President David Chartrand also announced the creation of the MMF Emergency Student Assistance Program (ESAP). Through this initiative, the MMF will invest an additional $1.8 million to support students who have demonstrated that they are in financial need and require funds in order to stay in school, or need assistance finding a job after graduating from university or college.

Both programs were created in partnership with the federal government.

"Thanks to the MMF's historic partnership with the Government of Canada, Métis students will be able to pursue a post-secondary education, without worrying about the financial burden, for years to come," said Joan Ledoux, MMF Minister of Provincial Education. "These programs give our Citizens an incredible head start and helps to secure the future success of our Manitoba Métis Community."

The 2020-2021 academic year marks the PSESP's second intake session. Last year, the PSESP provided more than $2.3 million in direct financial support to 540 Métis students living in Manitoba. The PSESP is part of a 10-year Post Secondary Education Accord, ensuring Métis students in Manitoba will have access to financial and other student supports over the next decade. This year, the MMF announced that the program will not have an intake deadline and students will be able to apply at any time during the academic year.

Complementing the PSESP, the ESAP will provide eligible students with additional assistance to ensure they succeed in school. The amount of additional assistance will be based on need. A dedicated, confidential web site has been established for students and graduating PSE students to apply.

On top of the PSESP and ESAP, Métis students are encouraged to also apply for the Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB), Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and EI programs if applicable.

"The MMF Emergency Student Assistance has been put in place so that no student gets left behind," said MMF President David Chartrand. "On behalf of the Manitoba Métis Government, we are proud to be in a position to support our Métis students through the COVID-19 pandemic."

The MMF invites Métis students pursuing post-secondary education, and recent Métis graduates, to visit and begin their application process for both the PSESP and the ESAP.

For more details about the Post-Secondary Education Support Program and the Emergency Student Assistance Program, applicants can contact the PSESP Coordinator at or by calling the Louis Riel Institute at 204-984-9480.


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