MMF Announces Support for Métis Families Homeschooling their Children

September 3, 2020

The Manitoba Métis Government will ensure opportunities are given to all Métis parents who prefer to keep their children at home, and to do homeschooling, for fear of COVID and for the safety of their families. The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) is developing a strategy to assist parents in the homeschooling of their children. These opportunities will be promoted on the MMF website so parents can access a range of educational supports.

"Whether your child is required to stay home due to health concerns or you are being cautious because of the threat of COVID, it is critical that children further their education either at home or school," explained MMF Minister of Education Joan Ledoux. "We cannot overlook the importance of a safe learning environment and as the Manitoba Métis Government, it is our responsibility to find ways to support our families who make this difficult decision and ensure that Métis children do not fall behind."

"With such limited information on COVID-19 and the pandemic responses from each school division, we cannot risk the health and safety of our children, youth, and families," further commented MMF Minister of Health and Wellness Frances Chartrand. "Right now, there are many questions and unknowns. The MMF cannot stand by and not offer support to our families."

The MMF will be developing materials to help parents homeschooling their children. Eligible Citizens will Eligible Citizens will have "Food for Thought" hampers. including school supplies, delivered to their front door, as well as access to tutors.

The MMF will have teachers recording online seminars to be posted for all age groups.

"Another important component of these supports is the existing resources that can be found on the MMF website," concluded Minister Ledoux. "We already have a diverse selection of videos and other resources that can be used to help parents educate their child."

"As most Métis Citizens will know by now, the Manitoba Minister of Health Cameron Friesen and Dr. Roussin have no plan for our Métis families and children," explained MMF President David Chartrand. "Your Métis Government will always have your back. We are here for you, and if COVID continues through September and October, we will continue to work with our families. Be safe and continue to practice COVID protocols."

Intake forms and additional details will be posted to as they are made available. If you have any questions about homeschooling and MMF supports, please email or call 1-800-665-8474.


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