MMF Launches Homeschool Support Program for Métis Families

September 23, 2020

Winnipeg, MB - The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) has officially launched its homeschooling initiative to support Métis parents to homeschool their children for the health and safety of their families and their communities.

"We do not want parents to feel obligated to send their children to school simply because they do not have access to the resources necessary to effectively teach their children from home," stated MMF Minister of Education Joan Ledoux. "As the Manitoba Métis Government, it is our responsibility to find ways to support our families who make this difficult decision and ensure that our Métis children do not fall behind when the provincial government fails them."

"There is still a limited amount of evidence available to show how effective the return to school plans are for school divisions across the province," said MMF Minister of Health and Wellness Frances Chartrand. "I think our concerns have been validated early in the school year as cases continue to spread at schools in various school divisions."

Eligible Citizens will soon have access to "Food for Thought Hampers," or backpacks filled with school supplies, delivered to their front door, as well as access to tutors who can help them with their schoolwork. In addition, online classes in the core subject areas will be taught by certified teachers in age-appropriate groupings. Other resources such as funding for high school students who want to take accredited courses through Independent Study Option will also be available for parents.

"The Manitoba Metis Government has been working diligently to ensuring resources are in place to address this historic ongoing health crisis," concluded MMF President David Chartrand. "As I have said before, your Métis Government will always have your back. We are here for you, and as COVID continues to spread, we will continue to work on all aspects and today's announcement has a focus on our families to ensure our future leaders of tomorrow are in a safe and healthy learning environment."

Additional information can be found on If you have any questions about homeschooling and MMF supports, please email or call 1-800-665-8474.


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