MMF Responds to Manitoba Government's Path to Reconciliation Annual Progress Report, Details its Hypocrisy

December 21, 2020

The Manitoba Government released their Path to Reconciliation Annual Progress Report, which clearly does not meaningfully include the Métis Nation.

These annual reports are prepared as a result of The Path to Reconciliation Act that was assented in 2016 and is intended to highlight the Provincial government's progress made toward reconciliation with Indigenous peoples of Manitoba.

"Throughout the COVID pandemic, the needs of the Manitoba Métis have been ignored and cast aside by the Premier and his government," commented Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) President David Chartrand.

Even on matters of legislated commitments, such as Child and Family Services, the Manitoba Government gets an "F" from the MMF.

"It is hard to believe that the Government of Manitoba can publish this document with a straight face just months after they presented Bill C-2, which would allow them to get away with thieving over $28 million from Métis Children in Care," added President Chartrand.

"The MMF expresses our sympathy to Minister Eileen Clark because, though she is the Minister responsible for all Indigenous people, she cannot even work with the MMF to better the lives of the 100,000+ Métis people in Manitoba, and if she were to, she would be at risk of losing her portfolio," explained President Chartrand. "Everyone in the Progressive Conservative Party must play by Pallister's rules and cannot meaningfully engage with us without being at risk of losing their job or status in their Party. Doesn't this remind you of a certain President south of Canada?

"Lastly, for all Progressive Conservative Party MLAs that claim to be Métis, this is an act of cowardice and I am disheartened. By standing by, you are willingly watching one man attack your Nation and desert your people, leaving your people at a higher risk of severe consequences and death during this COVID pandemic," concluded President Chartrand. "May you remind yourself that when Pallister leaves - and leave he will - that you were AWOL when your Nation needed you. Your history will show everyone your legacy."



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