MMF set to host soil-turning event in Dauphin on October 6 at 11:30am

October 6, 2020

The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) will be hosting a soil turning event in Dauphin on October 6, 2020 at 11:30 am. This event is celebrating the expansion of another childcare centre being constructed to support accessible childcare for Métis families, and all Manitobans, across the province. The project Michif Children's Place is an expansion of the Before and After School Program at Whitmore School. This new site will host fifty new childcare placements for children in the City of Dauphin and the surrounding area.

Construction will begin today and will continue throughout winter with an expected completion date of August 2021.

"Childcare is critical to the educational and social development of children. Across the Province there is a severe shortage in childcare spaces and culturally appropriate programing for children and families," stated MMF Minister of Early Learning and Child Care, Frances Chartrand. "Your Métis Government will ensure that there will be access to childcare and culturally appropriate programming across Manitoba."

"Our priority is to make sure that Métis families have a priority placement however, these childcare centres are open for all Manitobans," continued Minister Chartrand. "One thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, without access to childcare, parents are unable to return to work and must turn to grandparents, family members and/or friends to care for their children so they return to the workforce to provide a safe home for their families."

In partnership with the Elbert Friendship Center, Abinoje Aboriginal Head Start Program the Metis government will be opening a new centre in Duck Bay this month. This is the first phase of our projects as we continue developing our childcare strategy. Our commitment to ensuring that we are working with the federal government to develop more childcare spaces throughout the Province of Manitoba will continue to see investments, most immediate in communities such as Selkirk, St. Eustace, Swan River and Winnipeg.

"This project is more than an economic investment in Dauphin. Though this project will create more jobs and allow more parents to return to the workforce, it does so much more," for providing social, economic and academic benefits." commented President David Chartrand. "Our investment is primarily in the children. The children are tomorrow's leaders but if we do not start investing in them today, how can we expect them to succeed later in life?"

For more information please contact Minister Frances Chartrand at the Northwest Metis Council 204-638-9485 or 204-648-4890.


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