MMF Unveils New Emergency Home Improvement & Repair Program

September 27, 2019

Winnipeg, MB - Starting in 2020, Metis Homeowners in Manitoba will be able to access funds through a newly announced $1.5 million Emergency Home Improvement and Repair Program. The initiative was unveiled at the 51st Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) Annual General Assembly (AGA) by Housing and Property Management Minister, Will Goodon.

"In my role as Minister, I am tasked with being accountable in addressing housing needs and priorities for all Metis Citizens in Manitoba," said Minister Goodon. "For a long time now, you have expressed how much need there is for a repairs program for our families and communities. We have heard you. I have heard you. It is an honour to announce this program which will help so many who dearly need it. With the vacuum left by the Province's cancellation of all repair programs in Manitoba, we know that Metis Citizens will welcome their Metis Government stepping up with this initial investment."

The home repair program will commence April 1, 2020. While the specific criteria for the program are still being developed, the program will assist Metis Citizens with home repairs and improvements--including black mold removal, emergency roof repairs, accessibility improvements, and electric, sewer, and water infrastructure upgrades.

"The home repair program is just the latest initiative from our housing department as we strive to provide our Citizens with the 'head start' promised in 1870," said Minister Goodon. "This initiative joins the first-time home buyers program, affordable housing projects, potential renewable energy investments, and the development of a Metis-specific strategy to address homelessness in our families and communities."

"I have given credit where it is due and express my gratitude to the federal government," added Minister Goodon. "By embracing, a nation-to-nation approach, we are able to offer these critical programs which will see Metis housing in Manitoba be delivered by our Metis Government for our Metis Citizens. Their voices have been and will be heard."

We appreciate the patience of our Citizens while the finer details of this program are developed, including the application procedure and the amount of the funding that can go to successful candidates. The program will be developed according to what we have heard from our Citizens regarding their specific housing needs. Consultations will proceed very shortly, including the questionnaire which was distributed at the AGA this past weekend. Complete details about the program will be available closer to the start date of the program.


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