MMF Unveils Plan for New $4.4 Million Infusion of Funds for Microbusiness

September 29, 2020

Winnipeg, MB - The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) announced today that it is offering a new COVID-19 relief program for Métis community collectively owned businesses and microbusinesses including fishers, artisans, musicians, and contractors etc. that were previously ineligible for COVID-19 economic relief: the Métis Community Business Fund. Through the Indigenous Community Business Fund (ICBF), the MMF will distribute approximately $4.4 million from Canada to support the economic recovery of Manitoba Métis businesses.

Using this fund, the MMF will be providing a non-repayable financial contribution to eligible Métis owned and controlled businesses. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and will be asked to provide their valid MMF Citizenship card as well as proof that the business has been operational since October 1, 2019. Businesses must be located in Manitoba.

"With this new allotment of funds, we will be able to support more businesses that may not have been eligible for previous Federal or Métis Government supports," stated MMF President David Chartrand. "Through this economic crisis we have been able to assist hundreds of Métis businesses with COVID relief. This funding benefits not only the Métis but all Manitobans as well."

The MMF unveiled two distinct funding streams that will be available to Métis entrepreneurs. One stream will assist microbusinesses including, but not limited to, fishers, artisans, and musicians while the other stream will focus on larger Community or collectively owned businesses.

"Over the past two centuries, the Métis have been the main drivers of the Manitoba economy and today nothing has changed. The Manitoba Métis are known for our hard work and entrepreneurial abilities," concluded President Chartrand. "When we help the recovery of Manitoba Métis businesses, it helps the economy of all Manitobans. Though the economy may be suffering from the crisis, you can rest assured that your Manitoba Métis Government is by your side."

This program will help many Métis entrepreneurs. In its initial needs assessment, the MMF has already identified over 500 potential candidates that may receive this fund. If you own a Métis microbusiness or are involved in a community collectively-owned business, the MMF urges you to contact us for more funding information.

For more information on eligibility, examples of eligible expenses, and other information on the Métis Community Business Fund, please visit or call 1(800) 387-6004 or 1(204) 589-0772.


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