Special statement from President David Chartrand on Remembrance Day

November 11, 2021

Winnipeg, MB, in the National Homeland of the Red River Métis - On November 11, Canada and the Red River Métis honour all Veterans, including peacekeepers, for their sacrifices and their legacy.

I hope all Citizens take a moment to reflect on the incredible decades we've experienced without global conflict, without sending our loved ones to fight and possibly lose their lives on foreign soil. I encourage all Citizens to reflect on why we have the privilege of peace today.

We know this privilege is due to the sacrifices made by many, many Canadians, including the Métis of the Red River and the Northwest, in global conflicts over the years. What we have today - the freedoms and rights we enjoy - we owe to these heroes.

We honour all war Veterans, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice, along with the families who experienced these painful losses. Those who survived often came home broken, continuing to suffer the aftermath of their time spent in service.

For the Métis Veterans of World War II, when they came home, Canada simply forgot them. I made it my mission decades ago to ensure that these Veterans - their heroism, their suffering, and their resilience - were recognized and supported after they were abandoned.

In 2019, Canada issued a formal apology to our WWII Métis Veterans. The apology was followed by an agreement and a commitment to support us as we launched the Métis Veterans Legacy Program, to commemorate our heroes and provide them with the head start they did not receive when they came home.

It's so important that our younger generations - those who have grown up only knowing a world without global conflict - learn about those who gave so much for our security. I encourage all Elders in our communities to take some time in the next few weeks to speak to our Youth about their memories of war times, or of family members who went to war. It is only by passing this important knowledge to our Youth that we can hope they'll carry on the tradition of honouring our war Veterans.

If anyone has questions about the military contributions of the Métis, knows a World War II Métis Veteran, or has a vision for commemorating our World War II Veterans, reach out to us:

Telephone: 1-800-532-1993
Email: veteran.info@Métisveterans.ca
Website: www.Métisveterans.ca

These are our heroes - today, tomorrow and forever.


Believe in Yourself; Believe in Métis. 

The Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) is the democratic government for the Manitoba Métis, also known as the Red River Métis, the origin and core of the Métis Nation. The Manitoba Métis are Canada's Negotiating Partners in Confederation and the Founders of the Province of Manitoba.

For more information, media may contact:
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Media Relations Advisor
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