Over 100 Red River Métis Youth set for North American Indigenous Games

July 13, 2023

Anaka Chartrand (right) is one of 130 Red River Métis athletes participating in the 2023 North American Indigenous Games.

This year's North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) are quickly approaching, and our Red River Métis Youth are getting ready to give it their all and go for the gold.

130 Red River Métis athletes and their coaches will travel to Halifax, Nova Scotia to compete in the games from July 15-23.

According to the NAIG website, more than 5,000 athletes, coaches, and team staff from 756 Indigenous nations will participate in fantastic cultural celebrations and compete in 16 sports across 21 venues.

The games were originally planned for 2020 but were rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This marks the 10th edition North American Indigenous Games, which began in Enoch, Alberta in 1971.

Sports and Youth Minister Richard Genaille has been invited to the games as an honoured guest of the host society and will be attending the opening ceremonies on July 16.

Red River Métis fiddler Morgan Grace will also attend the games, showcasing her talents at the Cultural Village. The Manitoba Métis Federation's (MMF) Métis Employment and Training - Youth Programming has supported our athletes by distributing $195,000 under the Believe Program for NAIG participants.

All seven MMF Regions are well represented at the 2023 games. Out of our 130 athletes, 61 are from the Winnipeg Region, 31 are from the Southeast Region, 18 come from the Interlake Region, 11 hail from the Southwest Region, six reside in the Northwest Region, two are from The Pas Region, and one athlete comes from Thompson.

Our Red River Métis athletes are also competing in a variety of staples. There are 10 softball players, 18 baseball athletes, 13 playing basketball, 24 lacrosse athletes, 13 soccer players, one canoe/kayak athlete, 22 volleyball players, one archery athlete, 12 athletes participating in track and field, three badminton athletes, three golf players, eight swimmers, and five wrestling competitors.

You can stay up to date on NAIG events, schedules, and results at their website, naig2023.com

Check out the list below for a full list of our amazing Red River Métis athletes organized by sport.


  • Nevaeh Stinson (SW)
  • Maddison Dauphinais (WPG)
  • Taylor Audette (SE)
  • Kaitlyn Davy (WPG)
  • Hope Ransome (WPG)
  • Laura Ransome (WPG)
  • Finley Folkett (SW)
  • Ryanne Bass (SW)
  • Paige Powroznik (INT)
  • Ryann Hay (THOMP)
  • Chloe Carriere (SE)


  • Aiden Lambert-Park (INT)
  • Cabrel St. Vincent (WPG)
  • Faith Larocque (SE)
  • Hope Larocque (SE)
  • Noah Kuzyk (INT)
  • Cali Buller (WPG)
  • Hanna Buller (WPG)
  • Sadie Frost (THOM)
  • Emma Elliot (WPG)
  • Bruno Van Bewer (WPG)
  • Tyson Christensen (INT)
  • Dylan Duhamel (WPG)
  • Hailey Giesbrecht (WPG)


  • Luke Enns (WPG)


  • Connor Melnic (SW)
  • Jenna Goertzen (WPG)
  • Brooke McNab (WPG)
  • Jillian Bellino (WPG)
  • Emma Belyk (SE)
  • Sarina Ramuscak (WPG)
  • Neza Ramuscak (WPG)
  • Luca Asham Tornato (NW)
  • Giana Denora (WPG)
  • Mia Foneca (WPG)
  • Caitlyn Hollywood (WPG)
  • Mikyla Bennett (SW)


  • Ethan Hall (SW)


  • Revin Therrien (SW)
  • Raina Garland (WPG)
  • Rayna Sanderson (WPG)
  • Cashton Barron (SW)
  • Danielle Barnych (INT)
  • Dylan Barnych (INT)
  • Alexis Bartlett (SE)
  • Addison Price (INT)
  • Jade Pelland (WPG)
  • Hayley Oleschak (NW)
  • Brenya Kapusta (SE)
  • Seanna Price (INT)


  • Evan Hancock (SE)
  • Kendra Hancock (SE)
  • Rylee Normand (SE)


  • Gabrielle Alyea (INT)
  • Austin Bowman (WPG)
  • Hayden Bowman (WPG)
  • Isabelle McKechnie (WPG)
  • Brooke Peloquin (SE)
  • Camille Lavitt (WPG)
  • Abby Nykon (WPG)
  • Kyle Chartrand (The pas)


  • Shawn Thompson (WPG)
  • Matthew Thompson (WPG)
  • Lincoln Carriere (WPG)
  • Nixon Carriere (WPG)
  • Logan Dearborn (SE)
  • Cody Gunderson (SE)
  • Cedric Lagasse (SE)
  • Chris Tetrault (SE)
  • Eric Cote (SE)
  • Ryder Duncan (WPG)
  • Mason Hooper (SE)
  • Brett Lucko (SE)
  • Dylan Duhamel
  • Michael Lindsay (INT)
  • Landon Gudnason (SW)
  • Keara Howden (SE)
  • Rylan Slatcher (INT)


  • Mackaila Bruce-Tapley (WPG)
  • Justin Riel (INT)
  • Emelia Leclair (INT)
  • Van Anderson (SW)
  • Rylan Melquist (WPG)
  • Abigail Pott (WPG)
  • Alycia Ross (WPG)
  • Elle Garriock (WPG)
  • Wyatt Hofer (WPG)
  • Kaiden Bazinet (SE)
  • Colton Loreth (WPG)
  • Karli McIvor (WPG)
  • Riley McIvor (WPG)
  • Kai Garriock (WPG)
  • Hudson De La Ronde (WPG)
  • Ryder Latta (WPG)
  • Luka Tetrault (WPG)
  • Alexander De La Ronde (WPG)
  • Parker De La Ronde (WPG)
  • Seth De La Ronde (WPG)
  • Jada Olais (WPG)
  • Kyrsten Ranville (WPG)
  • Emma Green (SE)
  • Sidney Green (SE)


  • Levi Johnston (WPG)
  • Gurke, Samuel (NW)
  • Macie Urban (SE)
  • Melanie Giesbrecht (SE)
  • Ryann Hay (The Pas)
  • Alyssa Cador (INT)
  • Logan Barnabe (SE)
  • Gabriel Beaudin (NW)
  • Hunter Oleschak (NW)
  • Payton Leffar (SE)
  • Angele Turenne (SE)
  • Bianca Beaudin (NW)
  • Kailey Johnston-Krulicki (WPG)
  • Aviendah Plett (WPG)
  • Elle Wood (WPG)
  • Andre Turenne (SE)
  • Nolan Ducharme (WPG)
  • Cedric Saurette (SE)
  • Colin Vermette (SE)
  • Owen Giesbrecht (INT)
  • Kiera Haney (SW)
  • Maxime Vermette (SE)


  • Ashley Garland (WPG)
  • Reghan Kirk (INT)
  • Payne Wood (WPG)


  • Jerin Coles (WPG)
  • Kaurq Coles (WPG)
  • Nikola Coles (WPG)
  • Anaka Chartrand (INT)
  • Beau Chartrand (INT)




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