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The Louis Riel Institute was created as an institution of self-governance by the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF). In December of 1985, the Manitoba Métis Federation Inc. appointed a working group to study the feasibility of establishing an institute which would serve as a vehicle to deal with the educational concerns and aspirations of the Métis people of Manitoba. The Institute would be known as the "Louis Riel Institute."

The Louis Riel Institute became an Act of the Manitoba Legislature, which received royal assent on November 3rd, 1995. As a charitable non-profit organization, it is the culture and education authority of the MMF, and as such, exists to provide programs and services on behalf of the MMF. The Louis Riel Institute is also responsible for promoting awareness of the values, culture, heritage and history of the Métis people in Manitoba.

LRI Mission Statement

As the Educational Authority for the Manitoba Métis Federation, the Louis Riel Institute promotes, builds capacity and supports the heritage and history of Métis in Manitoba through efficient, effective, culturally sensitive programs and activities.

LRI Mandate

The Louis Riel Institute is the Métis Educational and cultural institute that will promote the advancement of education and training for Métis people in Manitoba; and foster an understanding and appreciation of the culture, heritage and history of Manitoba and the Métis people in Manitoba for the benefit of all Manitobans.

LRI Programming

Cultural Programming

LRI is focused on meeting the needs of the community as it relates to Red River Métis culture, heritage, and history. Join us for interactive and engaging presentations, workshops, and tours, and explore our educational resources for your home, Local, or classroom.

Riel House National Historic Site

Located in the St. Vital neighbourhood, step into the world of the Riel family as you explore their historic home. Explore the unique daily life of Red River Métis in the late 1800s, from house construction to the layout of the lot and gardens. Hosted by Red River Métis Youth Interpreters, this immersive experience is available in both English and French. Discover the rich heritage and culture of the Red River Métis, and the story of Louis Riel.

Adult Learning Centre

LRI's Adult Learning Centre is committed to assisting learners in the completion of their Mature Student High School Diploma or upgrading in order to gain admission to post-secondary institutions.

Bursaries and Awards

LRI offers a range of bursaries and awards empowering Red River Métis individuals to pursue their educational and professional aspirations.

Research, Archives, and Special Collections

LRI is supporting a greater understanding and appreciation of the culture, heritage, and history of the Red River Métis through the collection and preservation of valuable records and materials.

LRI Vision

As the Educational Authority for the Manitoba Métis Federation, the Louis Riel Institute serves to empower the Métis Nation of Manitoba made of up skilled and proud Métis citizens, families and communities.

Please visit us online at: www.louisrielinstitute.ca


Email: lri@lrilearn.ca
Phone: 204-984-9480

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday - 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

B300-150 Henry Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 0J7

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