Minister: Vincent Mark Parenteau
Associate Minister: Mildred Dorion

Mining and resource development projects play a variety of roles in the lives of our Citizens with many of our Northern Citizens residing in areas where mining has been the primary economic driver and source of employment for many years. The benefits of economic development have allowed for a sense of self-reliance and financial stability for many of our Red River Métis families. However, the mining industry has also led to many negative impacts on our environment, which have affected the health and well-being of our citizens.

Several new operations are being explored across the province, drawn in by the demand for new resources and products. Unfortunately, the Red River Métis were left out of the Manitoba - First Nations Mineral Development Protocol and as a result, provincial officials and project proponents are not proactively notifying or reaching out to the MMF. Your Métis government continues to pressure Manitoba to develop a Red River Métis specific mineral development protocol to ensure meaningful and appropriate engagement and consultation through all phases of mineral development projects.

Mining operations pose unique opportunities and challenges. The Mining Portfolio is focused on ensuring our Citizens are properly engaged and consulted on all mineral exploration and development projects in Manitoba with the intention to best utilize opportunities to avoid negative impacts to the Red River Métis. Some of the most recent mining files include:

Minago Nickel Project - Flying Nickel Mining Ltd.

Flying Nickel purchased the Minago Nickel Project near Thompson, MB. This project includes an open pit mine which would produce nickel concentrate. In 2011, an Environment Act License was issued to the previous owners, Victory Nickel. This license was appealed and Notice of Alteration (NOA) to the 2011 License was required and subsequently submitted by Victory Nickel in 2014. In 2021 Flying Nickel Ltd. purchased the Minago Project and submitted a revised version of the 2014 NOA. This NOA is currently going through the Environment Act Licensing process. The MMF has been in discussions with Flying Nickel to explore economic development opportunities and to ensure Red River Metis specific mitigation measures are incorporated into the project plans. Manitoba invited the MMF to participate in the Crown consultation process for the project, which will be taking place this summer (2023).

Sio Silica - Silica Sand Project

Sio Silica Corporation (formerly CanWhite Sands), a private company based in Calgary, has proposed to construct a silica sand processing facility and extraction process to produce 1.36 million tonnes of processed silica sand per year.

The Provincial licensing process was split between two provincial Environmental Assessment Proposals (EAP) - the first for the processing facility, which has been approved, and the second for the extraction process, which is currently being assessed. The MMF formally requested a designation of the processing facility Project under Federal jurisdiction (IAAC 2019) along with four other Indigenous governments and organizations, however, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change chose not to federally designate the Project. Manitoba recommended that the proposed extraction project go through CEC hearings which took place from February 27 - March 16, 2023. The MMF was unable to participate in the hearings, however received funding from Manitoba to host a community meeting and conduct a technical review of the EAP for the extraction project. A community meeting was held in St. Malo on May 10, 2023. The MMF's intervention to the Environment Act Licensing proceedings was submitted to Manitoba on June 8, 2023 (see PDF below). The CEC released their report on June 23,2023 and outlined many recommendations to be considered before the project could proceed. The MMF is continuing discussions with Manitoba to ensure the concerns raised have been considered and addressed.


Wanipigow Silica Sand Mine and Selkirk Processing Facility

Canadian Premium Sands (CPS) proposed to construct the Wanipigow Silica Sand Mine near Seymourville, MB and a Solar Glass Processing Facility in Selkirk, MB. The extraction project has a projected life of more than 50 years and includes an open pit silica sand mine, a silica sand processing facility, a six-kilometer access road, a six-kilometer powerline, and progressive annual site reclamation. The extraction project and processing facility were filed as two separate Environment Act Proposals.

The MMF contacted both Manitoba and CPS to initiate full, proper, and meaningful engagement and consultation regarding the extraction project but neither Manitoba nor CPS responded. Manitoba issued the Environment Act License (EAL), and the MMF filed an appeal to this decision. However, the provincial Minister subsequently dismissed the appeal. In 2023, the MMF again requested engagement and consultation regarding the EAP for the Solar Glass Processing Facility, but Manitoba stated the project did not trigger the duty to consult. CPS received their EAL on May 3, 2023, and the MMF subsequently filed an appeal of the license. Your Métis government is aware of the economic development opportunities that flow from the extraction and processing of the product and will continue to attempt to engage with the proponent to ensure the Red River Métis are included in these opportunities.

Orphaned and Abandoned Mine Site - Sherridon, Manitoba

The Manitoba Métis Federation continues discussions with Manitoba regarding the remediation efforts which were concluded in the fall of 2021 at the mine site in Sherridon. The site is considered an orphaned and abandoned mine and Manitoba is responsible for the remaining environmental impacts, as well as the continued long-term monitoring of the site. While Manitoba considers the site to be remediated and suggests that no environmental impacts remain, the MMF continues to pressure the province to undertake more extensive monitoring of the water, sediment, and soil in the surrounding area.

The draining of Camp Lake into Kississing Lake resulted in an orange discoloration of the water due to increased iron content which has led to the staining of Citizens' boats and raising immense concern around the impacts on the local tourism business in Sherridon. In 2021, the MMF engaged a team of technical experts to test the water in the two lakes, review the results of Manitoba's monitoring program and recommend a process that will address the continued impacts of the mine. The MMF is continuing its own environmental monitoring and expanding this monitoring to include other parameters of concern. Your Métis government will also continue to work toward a solution that involves a commitment on the part of the federal and provincial authorities to appropriately mitigate the continued impacts.

Lynn Lake Gold Mine - Alamos Gold Inc.

The federal environmental assessment of the Alamos Gold Inc. Lynn Lake Gold Mine was completed on March 6th, 2023, and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada released a decision statement determining that the project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. Following the Decision by the Federal Minister, the Manitoba Environment Act Licenses for both the Gordon and MacLellan Mine Sites were issued. The MMF is continuing its discussions with Manitoba, Canada, and Alamos to ensure that our Citizens are included in all project-related opportunities and that Métis specific mitigation measures are incorporated into their project plans. Alamos has invited the MMF to participate in the Environmental Advisory Committee, however no meetings have been held to date.

Potash and Agri-Development Corporation of Manitoba Ltd. (PADCOM)

PADCOM received its Environment Act License for its proposed potash solution mining project located in the Hamlet of Harrowby within the RM of Russell-Binscarth, on May 30, 2022. The project will involve the extraction and processing of potash and would include a potash processing facility with a centrifuge, dryer, intake well of potash brine, and downhole injection brine well. PADCOM has committed itself to sharing 5% of its net profit with local First Nations and the Manitoba Métis Federation. Your Métis government will continue to work with the proponent to seek equity options and explore opportunities for the benefit of our citizens.

Mineral Exploration

T2 Metals - Sherridon Exploration

T2 Metals entered into an option agreement with Halo Resources in January of 2023 to acquire 90% of the mineral claims at the Sherridon VMHS Camp. T2 Metals has been reviewing and interpreting the historic exploration data and has visited Sherridon to review historic drill cores. They are continuing exploration activities in the last quarter of 2023. The MMF has been in discussions with Manitoba, T2 Metals, and Canada regarding the activities in the Sherridon area and will explore economic development opportunities as well as continue to express concerns regarding the cumulative impacts of mining in the Sherridon area.

Kenorland Minerals

Kenorland Minerals is an exploration company with various exploration projects in Manitoba. These projects include the Wheatcroft project near Granville Lake in NW Manitoba, the Muskayk Project just East of Leaf Rapids, the Osik Project, and the South Thompson project near Thompson, MB. The MMF has met with representatives of Kenorland Minerals to discuss their projects, a process for engagement, as well as potential economic development opportunities.

Snow Lake Lithium

Snow Lake Lithium is continuing exploration activities and proposing an open pit lithium mine 20km east of the Town of Snow Lake at the Thompson Brothers Lithium property. The MMF has been corresponding with Snow Lake Lithium and is looking to explore economic development opportunities relating to the project as well as ensure an appropriate engagement process is in place, as the project progresses.

We are always looking for input, comments, questions, and concerns from Métis Citizens who are directly or indirectly impacted by mining projects underway in the local community or within the areas that have traditionally been used for harvesting. If you would like more information about mining projects in Manitoba, please contact Maddy Perry via email:

B300-150 Henry Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 0J7

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