Red River Métis Community Resource

Minister: Andrew Carrier

RRMCRD Team Commitment

"We commit to being a strong team of our National Government, the Manitoba Métis Federation, with knowledge, training, and resources and we commit to building relationships and partnerships so that we can connect Red River Métis Citizens with the resources, programs, and services they need so they are empowered to lead their best quality of life."




  • This division is focused on delivering resource information through outreach and education from a grass roots level. Regional staff will meet with locals to offer workshops directly to citizens.


  • Working with MCFS, this division will develop, and deliver prevention based programming to Red River Métis families.


Senior & Elder Safety Workshop

  • In partnership with the Métis Justice Institute, the Outreach Division of the department will engage with Regions and Locals to schedule this Senior & Elders Safety Workshops as a grass roots effort to educate our vulnerable seniors on the risks they face each day.

Mediation Services

  • In partnership with the Métis Justice Institute, Mediation services will be available through the Outreach Division to families experiencing conflict and seeking resolution.

Local Resource Guide Workshop

  • The MMF Local Resource Guide that is currently being developed will be delivered in a workshop style to Regions, and Locals.


This division is responsible for servicing Citizens with the Emergency Financial Aid Donations available through the department:

  • Memorial Service Financial Support Program
  • Bereavement Fund
  • Ambulance Cost Relief Fund
  • Medical Transportation Fuel Aid
  • Medical Accommodation Aid

Memorial Service Financial Support Program

The MSFSP (Memorial Service Financial Support Program) is a program funded by the Manitoba Métis Federation and facilitated by the Department. This program consists of up to the $5000.00 towards the cost of a basic funeral service and is to be paid directly to a funeral home.

Bereavement Fund

The Bereavement Fund is a program facilitated by the Department primarily funded by the silent auction at Manitoba Métis Federation events. This financial support fund was developed to assist people with Métis ancestry with additional costs in relation to the Celebration of Life or other costs that are associated with the passing of a person with Métis Ancestry but is not covered by the Memorial Service Financial Support Program.

Ambulance Cost Relief Donation

The Ambulance Cost Relief Fund purpose is to provide Red River Métis Citizens assistance with the cost of their emergency medical travel via an ambulance. The Red River Métis Community Resource Department will pay for half of each ambulance bill, up to $750.00 per fiscal year.

Medical Accomodation Aid

For citizens traveling for essential medical purposes, the Department has the ability to book hotels at specific locations on behalf of the Citizen and cover the cost of this accommodation for eligible appointments.

Medical Transportation Fuel Donation

The Department plans to further develop this Pilot project donation as we recognize the need is high for this support, especially in regions who have to travel a further distance to attend medical obligations.


  • Working with Métis children and families on a variety of issues such as employment and income assistance, outreach services, referral & advocacy, reunification, elder support, income tax, repatriation, and community development.
  • RRMCRD is able to support Métis citizens with needs that don't fit into other MMF programming by connecting people to resources both internally and in the community

Casework & Advocation

  • The Department works to connect citizens to resources and supports both inside and outside the MMF, in order to ensure citizens of all ages get access to any form of help they are looking for.
  • The Department is available to provide citizens with support connecting and communicating with a number of organizations, including, but not limited too:
    • Employment Insurance
    • Canadian Pension Plan/ Old Age Security
    • Workers Compensation Board
    • Manitoba Public Insurance
    • Canada Revenue Agency
    • Child & Family Services
    • Human Rights Commission
    • Manitoba Labor Board

Income Tax Program

The Department houses a program that can help low income citizens file their basic taxes year-round.

Wills & Estates Program

This new Program looking to launch in next fiscal year will feature a basic Will & Estate Planning template that can be completed by a Citizen with the assistance of their Regional department worker.

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