Minister: Leah laPlante
Associate Minister: Peter Fleming

The Manitoba Métis Federation's (MMF) Natural Resources portfolio, housed within the MMF's Energy, Infrastructure and Resource Management (EIRM) department, is centered around the Métis Laws of the Harvest and the constitutionally protected section 35 rights. As the Minister Responsible for Natural Resources, Leah LaPlante is dedicated and passionate about protecting Métis harvesters, and has ensured that the Manitoba Métis' concerns and interests are brought forward to help conserve and manage the lands, waters, and resources of Manitoba.


Delegates to the 2018 MMF Annual General Assembly (AGA) voted unanimously in favour of a Resolution to defend Métis harvesting rights in Game Hunting Areas (GHAs) bordering the Recognized Métis Harvesting Area (RMHA), including: 1) the Grass River Region (GHAs 5, 7, and 7A); and, 2) the Manigotagan Region (GHA 26 and the portion of GHA 17A outside of the Pimitotah Traditional Land Use Planning Area/Bloodvein Registered Trapline). Despite the MMF's best efforts, the Manitoba government continues to ignore both Canada's Constitution protecting Métis harvesting rights as well as the provincial Crown's commitments in the 2012 MMF-Manitoba Harvesting Agreement. In September 2019, delegates to the MMF AGA voted unanimously for the MMF to consider providing legal support to Métis harvesters who exercise their constitutionally protected rights in the areas outside of the RMHA, including GHAs 2A, 4, 21, 21A, and the Upper and Lower Nelson River systems and Churchill Region.

A Métis harvester must follow the laws of public safety, must adhere to Métis Laws of the Harvest: Revised 3rd Edition, and must hold a validated MMF Harvester Card with the current year's Conservation Trust Fund (CTF) sticker. Following these requirements, in the case of a wrongful harvesting charge, harvesters may contact the MMF's EIRM department. Once contacted, the MMF will gather harvesting charge information and will determine the necessary steps required to decide whether support and legal assistance can be provided. The MMF reminds all harvesters that they are taking a risk while harvesting in RMHA Expansion Areas [i.e., GHAs in which the 2018 MMF AGA voted unanimously to defend Métis harvesting rights (GHAs 5, 7, 7A, 17A, 26)] as well as areas outside of the RMHA.

Due to recurring issues with Métis harvesters hunting on private property with verbal permission only, a permission slip must now be used to obtain written permission from private landowners. The permission slip will reduce the chance of harvesters being faced with a situation if the landowner decides to revoke permission after the fact. Be aware that verbal permission is no longer acceptable and that it is the responsibility of the harvester to understand where they are harvesting. Written permission from private landowners supports the Métis rights to harvest on private property when approached by a Conservation Officer. Permission slips are available at the MMF Home Office, Regional Offices, and below.

Métis harvesters must validate their MMF Harvester Card yearly by purchasing the current year's CTF sticker on or after April 1. In addition, harvesters are required to complete the mandatory MMF Harvesting Survey prior to receiving the new season's CTF sticker and big-game tags. The survey is important to help manage resources, monitor harvesting activity, and increase conservation efforts throughout the province. The MMF developed and launched an online version of the survey in March 2021 that will decrease human input error and improve the overall harvesting reporting system. The online survey is available for valid Métis harvesters below.

Métis Laws of the Harvest


Permission Slip to Harvest on Private Property

Online Harvester Survey

2022-23 Harvester Survey Form

CTF & Tags Request Form

Conservation Trust Find Sticker (CTF) and Big Game Tags

The Manitoba Metis Federation is extending the period of the 2021-2022 Conservation Trust Fund (CTF) sticker until June 1st, 2022 as the Central Registry Office is in the process of creating an online ordering platform. The 2022-2023 harvesting season will open on April 1st, 2022, so you can utilize your current 2021-22 sticker for harvesting needs prior to June 1st.

The Central Registry Office is currently working on introducing a new online CTF/Big Game Tag ordering system this year which will allow you to receive your CTF confirmation print out the day of purchase, and allow you to harvest Fish, Game Birds, and Small Game. We will mail you the sticker along with your Big-Game Tags, if ordered. These options will be available to you on June 1st, after completion of the MMF online harvester survey.

How to order CTF/Tags Online (after June 1st, 2022)

  1. Complete MMF Online Harvester Survey (
    1. You will then be prompted to the online CTF/Tag Request form
  2. Complete Online CTF/Tag Request Form
  3. Payment of $25.00 (Credit Card/Visa Debit)

You will then be emailed your temporary CTF form, receipt and survey confirmation number, and your regional office will mail out your CTF sticker and Big-Game Tags, if ordered.

How to order CTF/Tags (Dropbox/Mail/In Person)

  1. Complete MMF Harvester Survey
  2. Complete CTF/Tag Request Form
  3. Payment of $25.00 (Cash or Money Order addressed to "The Manitoba Metis Federation")

After documentation validation, your CTF/Tag's will be mailed out to you.

Please contact your regional office for assistance, or if you have any technical issues when ordering online, please contact

Night Hunting

Following consultations with the Manitoba Métis regarding night hunting, the MMF submitted a report to the provincial government and passed two Resolutions at the 2017 AGA. First, a complete prohibition on dangerous spotlighting throughout Manitoba, and second, prohibition of night hunting within Agro Manitoba from dusk to dawn, with continued night hunting and stationary spotlighting in Non-Agro Manitoba when away from settlements and local populations. On February 9, 2018, the MMF Cabinet passed the MMF Night Hunting and Night Lighting Agro-Zone Boundary Resolution, providing policy specifying the Métis night hunting law in Manitoba, including definitions, maps, and map notes. All information regarding night hunting can be found on the MMF website at

MMF Night Hunting Law Notice

MMF Cabinet Resolution: Night Hunting and Night Lighting Agro-Zone Boundary Resolution

Schedule A: MMF Agro-Zone Boundary Definitions

Schedule B: MMF Agro-Zone Boundary Map

Schedule C: MMF Agro-Zone Boundary Map Notes

Schedule C: Map Note Overview

Schedule C: Map Note 1

Schedule C: Map Note 2

Schedule C: Map Note 3

Schedule C: Map Note 4

Schedule C: Map Note 5

Schedule C: Map Note 6

Schedule C: Map Note 7

Schedule C: Map Note 8

Map 1: MMF Agro-Zone Boundary with Game Hunting Areas

Map 2: MMF Agro-Zone Boundary with Rural Municipalities

Map 3: MMF Agro-Zone Boundary with Township & Range Grid

2017 MMF AGA Night Hunting and Night Lighting Passed Resolution

For questions concerning harvesting, you may contact Connor Staub, Resource Management Coordinator, by phone at (204) 586-8474 or by email at

If you would like additional information regarding the MMF's Harvester Application Form, MMF Harvester Cards, or CTF & Tags Request Form, please call 204-586-8474 or email

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