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2023-24 Online Harvester Survey and CTF/Tag Ordering: https://cro.mmf.mb.ca/harvester-survey

The Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) Central Registry Office (CRO) is proud to announce the launch of a new, highly secure online Conservation Trust Fund (CTF) sticker and Big Game Tag online ordering system. This new system is now available online for Harvesters to use as of June 1, 2022.The MMF recognizes the importance of allowing Métis Harvesters quick access to renew their annual CTF and exercise their Métis harvesting rights.

One of the exciting new features being introduced this year is giving Métis Harvesters the opportunity to receive a temporary CTF form. You can now print a temporary CTF to immediately utilize for harvesting purposes after purchase. You will receive your permanent CTF sticker, along with any requested big game tags, in the mail or for pick-up at your Regional Office at a later date.

Please visit the Harvester Survey site (https://cro.mmf.mb.ca/harvester-survey) to get started. Once you are on the harvester survey lookup form, you will be asked to enter your Harvester number and last name. Your harvester information will be pulled up and this will grant you access to the 2023-24 Online Harvester Survey and CTF/Tag Ordering.

Upon completion of the harvester survey, you will be prompted to select which big game tags you would like to acquire along with your CTF. After submitting payment with credit card or visa/debit you will receive a confirmation email with your temporary CTF.

You will need to print and sign the temporary CTF form, and always carry it with you, along with your harvester card, while exercising your harvesting rights. The temporary CTF will be valid 30 days from the date of purchase. You will be mailed your physical CTF sticker, along with your big game tags, to the address you provide on the harvester survey.

Please ensure that the email on file is your current email address. Please also ensure your address information is correct prior to submitting.

If you do not have access to order online, you may also print the forms and submit them to your Regional Office. Please contact your Regional Office or you can email harvest@mmf.mb.ca if you require further assistance.

Harvester's Survey 2023-2024

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CTF Tags Request Form

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