Early Learning & Child Care

Minister Frances Chartrand

The Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) strongly believes that all Métis children should have a real and fair opportunity for high-level early learning, to set them up for a future filled with success. The Early Learning and Child Care Department (ELCC) staff continue to work on feasibility studies prioritizing early learning and childcare needs across the province in the second year as a department. 

The Métis children and families' programming and curriculum include culture, language, values, and traditions. The MMF aims to channel financial, educational, and informational resources to Citizens, affiliates, partnerships, and initiatives within Manitoba. The ELCC's goals are to promote, empower, and strengthen the Métis culture in Manitoba's Communities.

Early Learning Education Opportunities

ELCC partnered with Louis Riel Vocational College and facilitates an Early Learning Childhood II Diploma Program in Dauphin and Winnipeg. Students enrolled in this program will be a priority for employment opportunities in each of the ELCC's childcare centres. 

Early Learning and Child Care Centres

The ELCC built a strong foundation for ongoing collaborative work within the Regions to achieve a shared path forward. 

They look forward to implementing a Métis culturally appropriate curriculum to promote and inspire children, Youth, Elders, and families in the community. Each childcare centre will have access to the ELCC Department's guidance and recommendations for their childcare centre's day-to-day operations. Furthermore, each site will have access to all departments and affiliates in the MMF to partner and share programming and training opportunities.  

MMF Owned and Affiliate Early Learning and Child Care Centres

The ELCC continues to build and grow a strong presence of childcare centres within the Regions, with the numbers moveing towards five operational and eight active builds. 

Operational Sites

Duck Bay - Abinoje Aboriginal Head Start 

Dauphin - Michif Children's Place 

St. Eustache - Li Chi Shevru 

Winnipeg - Little Stars PLAYhouse 

Thompson - Keewatinowi Awasisak Opi-Ki-Wak Inc.

Active Builds

Swan River


Selkirk- Hawthorne 

St. Laurent




Winnipeg - St. Boniface

Winnipeg - Transcona

The Pas

Supplementing Child Care Fees 

Childcare affordability was improved by assisting families with childcare costs and security emergency placements in childcare centres for Métis children in Child and Family Service care. 

Removing Transportation Barriers to Child Care

ELCC purchased vans and buses with properly equipped tethered car and booster seats providing Manitoba Métis Early Learning and Child Care centres to assist families with their transportation needs and the opportunity to enhance educational outreach and field trips.  

COVID Community Outreach - Culture Kits

The ELCC Department delivered two hundred kits to licensed childcare centres, licensed childcare home centres, and Aboriginal Head Starts across Manitoba. They celebrated Louis Riel Day, and I Love to Read Month, honouring our Elders, authors, and publishers, while sharing the ELCC Educational and Cultural Kits across Manitoba. The kits were a way to keep children engaged while sharing our rich Métis culture and language during a tough financial time due to the pandemic. 

COVID Community Outreach - My Little Métis Box 

The My Little Métis Box has been designed for Métis children between zero to six years of age. It is filled with books to enhance literacy, hone gross motor skills, and strengthen numeracy skills, focusing on STEAM education with a Métis cultural focus. ELCC is set to deliver over one thousand boxes per quarter to young Métis Citizens. 


Thank you for the guidance of our Elders, the support and recommendations from the Regions and locals. Your Métis Government is committed to accessibility and affordability of Early Learning and Child Care for all Métis children and families throughout the province. For more information about Early Learning and Child Care programs or services, please email us at elcc@mmf.mb.ca.

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