Minister David Beaudin

Newly appointed Minister of Agriculture David Beaudin is ready to start tackling the issues that confront today's Métis farmers and ranchers. He looks forward to working with our farmers and ranchers to find alternatives and programs that help them keep their land and their way of life sustainable. 


In May 2020, Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) Energy, Infrastructure and Resource Management staff worked with Iron Head Bison Ranch to relocate the MMF bison herd from Rosa, MB to Iron Head Bison Ranch in Richer, MB. The MMF bison herd currently consists of 16 animals, predominantly comprising of cows and calves. The herd was weighed, tagged, vaccinated, and provided with all necessary care to ensure a healthy transition to their new home.

In December 2020, two bulls were butchered, producing approximately 1,000-lbs of meat. This meat was inspected, certified, and distributed to our Métis Elders through the MMF Regions.

We will continue to maintain the bison herd so that we may harvest the animals for food, as well as cultural and educational purposes. Opportunities to utilize the herd for educational purposes and economic opportunities are being explored. The MMF will continue working with our partners to support our bison, as the herd serves as a valuable teaching tool for our Youth and helps sustain a resource heavily relied on by our Ancestors. 

Agricultural Crown Land

Métis farmers and ranchers have a long history in the Métis Nation Homeland. Farming and ranching represent not only a modern livelihood, but a traditional economic foundation of the Métis Nation. New provincial legislation, the Agricultural Crown Lands Leases and Permits Regulation Amendments and the Crown Lands Dispositions Act, has resulted in severe hardships for Métis Crown land lease holders. 

The MMF has connected with our Métis farmers and ranchers to better understand the impacts associated with the changes to the Crown land leasing program. The MMF has offered interim financial support through the MMF COVID-19 Business Support Program, and committed legal support to defend our Métis farmers and ranchers forced to the verge of bankruptcy.

For questions concerning the Agriculture Portfolio, you may contact Riley Bartel, Conservation Coordinator, by phone at 204 586-8474 or by email at

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