Minister: Shawn Nault


  • The Red River Métis Veterans Department (RRMVD) of the Manitoba Métis Federation was established in 2022 to recognize the immense contributions made by Métis Veterans, active service members and their loved ones, connect them with culturally appropriate supports to meet their needs and advocate on their behalf to improve the quality of life of our Red River Métis Veteran Citizens.
  • Since the department's inception, we have designed our program to support the interests and needs of our Red River Métis Veterans, active service members, their families, and their caregivers.
  • The RRMVD is advised by a Working Group of Veteran Cabinet Ministers including Veteran Jack Park, Veteran Andrew Carrier**, and Veteran John Fleury. As members of the Métis Veteran community, they offer valuable insights based on personal lived experiences as Métis Veterans to ensure that the department acts in the best interest of the demographic it serves.

Our Commitments to the Veteran Community

  • Our department is committed to serving Red River Métis Veterans, active service members and their loved ones by preserving and honouring their legacies by documenting their stories, commemorating their achievements, and recognizing their sacrifices that have given us the freedoms we enjoy today.
  • We are committed to ensuring that all Veterans and their support circles can access the services and supports they need, by identifying the challenges they face and remaining attentive to their individual and ongoing needs.
  • To connect our Citizens with support, we will work collaboratively with both internal and external partners to provide wraparound services that will address the unique needs of our Veterans.
  • Our Veterans and their families deserve to be recognized for their service to our country year-round, which is why our department is committed to educating our Citizens and the Canadian public about the contributions our Veterans made to defend our country.

Red River Métis Veterans Department Mandate

  • Create a Red River Métis Veterans Archive to preserve the history of our heroes.
  • Develop educational material to engage Canadians with the contributions of our proud Red River Métis Veterans.
  • Establish strong relationships to support Legions and other Veteran-serving organizations.
  • Manage and expand the Métis Veterans Legacy Program.

Indigenous Veterans Day

  • Every year, on November 8th, the RRMVD proudly hosts an Indigenous Veterans Day ceremony to honour the remarkable bravery and sacrifice of our Red River Métis Veterans, active service members and their families. Our citizens and special dignitaries in attendance held each of these ceremonies in very high regard.
  • In 2022, we partnered with the Royal Canadian Aviation Museum of Western Canada to host our annual ceremony.
  • In 2023, the RRMVD hosted the second annual Indigenous Veterans Day ceremony at and in partnership with the Royal Canadian Legion St. Laurent Métis Branch #250.
  • We recognize the importance of the essential services and advocacy that Royal Canadian Legions provide for our Veterans, which is why the RRMVD is committed to supporting and preserving our Legions and the welcoming communities they promote.

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