Health & Wellness

Minister: Frances Chartrand


Welcome to the MMF Health & Wellness Department (HWD).

We are pleased to share the work we have been doing on behalf of and with the Red River Métis citizens, as well as our goals and vision for the future of the Department.

Over the past few years, the HWD has grown to increase our capacity to meet the health-related needs of Métis Citizens. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the HWD has supported Métis citizens by launching vaccine clinics, enhancing mental health supports, and adapting to engage with our citizens virtually. Through collaboration with Métis communities, the HWD continues to expand, gain knowledge, and identify methods to support the health of Red River Métis people.


Established in 2005, the HWD is a leader in actualizing its vision of 'a well Métis community in Manitoba' by developing and using culturally grounded, holistic knowledge.

The HWD aims to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of Red River Metis through prevention, health service delivery, research, and innovation through a distinctions-based approach.


The HWD consists of a dedicated team, structured into four functional areas of work: Health Research, Clinical Services, Policy & Health Information, and Community Programming. All areas are overseen by our leadership & management team, comprised of our Director and Minister. Initiatives conducted by each functional area inform and contribute to the success of each other. The team collaboratively provides quality health information, services, and supports to Métis citizens in all identified areas.

Initiatives conducted by each functional area informs and contributes to the success of one another. The team works in collaboration to provide quality health information, services, and supports to Métis citizens in all identified areas.


The HWD has chosen to use the Métis Life Promotion Framework and refers to the Wellness Areas originally developed by Dr. Judith G. Bartlett and adapted within the MMF for Métis use. Our intention is to create Métis-specific health and wellness knowledge.

In addition to quantitative research, focused on numerical data, the research team also conducts qualitative research. In this type of research, we aim to understand the experiences of citizens, and rely on stories, discussion groups, and personal interviews as sources of our information.

All research conducted by the HWD is done while respecting the privacy and confidentiality of everyone who participates. We work closely with communities and ensure that at the end of each study, participants receive study results either by a community presentation or by receiving a copy of the report. HWD published reports are available to view here.

Current projects underway by the HWD research team are Tobacco Reduction Strategy, Cancer Strategy, Opioids Strategy, and Cannabis and Mental Health.


Mental Health Support Line

The MMF is prioritizing the mental health of its citizens. The need for Métis specific mental health supports is evident now more than ever in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. One current mental health support is a telephone line that provides citizens access to Metis counsellors and resources. Watch for updates on upcoming plans to expand our mental health supports.

7 am to 11 pm daily
Mental Health Telephone Service 1-833-390-1041 Ext. 1

Prescription Drug Program

The Prescription Drug Program, launched in 2017, will pay eligible Citizens' MMF calculated deductible throughout the year for Pharmacare-eligible prescription drugs.

Métis citizens aged 55 and older with an annual income of $35,000 or less, who use MEDOCare Pharmacy for prescription dispensing and delivery are eligible for the Prescription Drug Program.

For more information about the Prescription Drug Program and how to apply, click here.

Health Forum

A Health and Wellness Forum was held virtually in September 2021 provided an opportunity for the HWD to engage with MMF citizens, present our research, and gather data to inform our projects. Continuous community engagement is vital to our work at the HWD, to ensure we are addressing the health concerns of citizens in an effective way. The HWD is hoping to provide another Forum in Fall 2022.

B300-150 Henry Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 0J7

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