Traditional Economies

Minister: Darrel Ferland

As Minister of the Traditional Economies Portfolio, Darrel Ferland has created and further stimulated Red River Métis traditional economies. Creating and restoring local economies provides an opportunity to conserve natural ecosystems and allows for economic development and capacity building within the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF).

Within the Energy, Infrastructure and Resources Management (EIRM) Department, the Traditional Economies Portfolio covers all aspects of fish and fish habitat. Additionally, the Traditional Economies Portfolio consists of the MMF forestry file, which includes pursuing sustainable forestry operations and engaging Manitoba and proponents on forestry and peatland management that directly impacts Red River Métis harvesting rights.

Several developments in the fish and fish habitat, forestry, and peatland files include the following:


Forest management activities are comprised of timber harvesting, access development, access control, renewal, road development and decommissioning- which directly affect Red River Métis harvesting rights. Manitoba recognizes it has a duty to consult and accommodate in a meaningful way with the MMF on behalf of the Red River Métis with respect to forestry operations in Manitoba.

The MMF is involved in the engagement and consultation process for the following forestry and peatland related files:

Louisiana Pacific 20-Year Forest Management Plan 

Louisiana Pacific's (LP) 20-Year Forest Management Plan (FMP) outlines long-term management goals for Forest Management Licence Area #3. The MMF hosted a community consultation meeting on September 21, 2023, to discuss the FMP and collect Red River Métis comments, questions, and concerns including recommendations regarding potential mitigation measures. Following the meeting, the MMF submitted a What We Heard Report and a technical review of the FMP to Manitoba and LP.

Louisiana Pacific and Mountain Quota Holders' Association 2-Year Forest Management Operating Plan

The MMF participated in the consultation process with the Province of Manitoba in relation to the proposed LP and Mountain Quota Holders Association 2022-2024 Forest Management Operating Plan (FMOP). An FMOP is a short-term, two-year operating plan which details and maps timber harvest, road access development, and forest renewal. On November 7, 2022, the MMF submitted a technical review to Manitoba that outlined recommendations and concerns with the FMOP. Looking forward, the MMF will perform a similar review for the 2024-2026 Forest Management Operating Plan.

Niskapawino Forestry Management Corporation 20-Year Forest Managment Plan 

Nisokapawino Forestry Management Corporation's (NFMC) 20-Year FMP outlines long term management goals for Forest Management Licence Area #2. Moving forward, the MMF will further contribute to the Sustainable Forest Management Committee which acts as an advisory committee and provides an opportunity for representatives to share knowledge and concerns in relation to forestry activities. Red River Métis Citizens can expect an MMF consultation meeting specific to the 20-Year FMP in 2024.

Nisokapawino Forestry Management Corporation 2-Year Operating Plan 

NFMC's 2023-2025 FMOP is a short-term operating plan which details and maps timber harvest, road access development, and forest renewal activities in Forest Management Licence Area #2. From June 8 - July 2 the MMF hosted an online community consultation survey to collect Red River Métis comments, questions, and concerns including recommendations regarding potential mitigation measures. On July 21, a traditional land use study and community consultation report was sent to Manitoba. Manitoba committed to addressing several concerns identified through the consultation process.

Sun Gro Horticulture Peatland Development

Sun Gro Horticulture is preparing an Environment Act Proposal (EAP) for peatland development projects within two existing licence areas in the Southwest and Interlake regions. Red River Métis Citizens can expect an MMF consultation meeting specific to the proposed peat harvesting activities in 2024.

For questions concerning the forestry and peatland files, contact Isaac Manness, Forestry Technician, by email at

Commercial Fishing

The MMF is always looking to engage with Red River Métis commercial fishers. We are currently collecting information regarding concerns, goals, and priorities surrounding the commercial fishing industry. In the past, the MMF has held commercial fishery meetings in St. Laurent to discuss several topics including: quota buybacks, commercial license requirements, Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation, eco-certification of Lake Winnipeg, and barriers to entering the commercial fishing industry. We are always striving to better serve Red River Métis commercial fishers and appreciate your feedback to help meet this goal.

Commercial Fisher Net Program

Through the establishment of a Commercial Fisher Net Program, the MMF has supported over 150 Red River Métis Commercial Fishers. This program has provided over 2,100 nets to Red River Métis Citizens, allowing them to fish the with extra resources. These nets arrived in batches and were distributed among the regions where Red River Métis Commercial Fishers reside and work. If you are a commercial fisher and have not received nets, please contact the Fish and Fish Habitat Specialist at, as there may be some nets remaining.

Fish Spawning Ground Study

The MMF conducted a Walleye Spawning Ground Identification Study with the objective to identify and assess walleye spawning grounds in the Camperville and Duck Bay areas of Lake Winnipegosis, to characterize the quality and quantity of walleye spawning habitat, and determine the viability of the location for wild egg collections.

The MMF completed two catch and tag activities in 2021 and 2022 in addition to habitat assessments in various locations within the study area. Forty walleye, which met the study's sizing and maturity requirements, had a floy tag and telemetry tag installed. These tags allow information to be collected on individual fish in their natural environment, tracking their movements throughout the year.

Spawning Study 2.0

In partnership with the Environment & Climate Change Portfolio under the Red River Métis Stewards of the Homeland Program (RRM SOHP), the MMF bolstered the Fish Spawning Ground Study for 2023 as the Spawning Study 2.0. This study saw the deployment of underwater camera systems in areas of suitable walleye spawning habitat. Fish populations within the Lake Winnipegosis waterbody are integral to the overall quality of the ecosystem and to Red River Métis commercial fishers and Harvesters. The data collected through the Spawning Study 2.0 will be used to assess populations, determine if the habitat is sufficient, or if stewardship is required to improve the quality of the ecosystem.

Métis Knowledge Land-Use and Occupancy Studies

The MMF is prioritizing Métis Knowledge, Land-Use, and Occupancy studies with Red River Métis commercial fishers. These studies help inform the design of environmental monitoring programs and provide insight into how Red River Métis' rights, claims, and interests may be impacted by development projects.

If you are interested in participating in a Métis Knowledge Land-Use and Occupancy Study, contact Jessica Lagimodiere, Métis Land Use Specialist, by phone at (204) 586-8474 or by email at

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