Minister: Andrew Carrier
Associate Minister: Marielle Gauthier

The Michif Portfolio was created with the objective to record, preserve, and promote the Michif language. Michif, as spoken by the Red River Métis, is at risk because few fluent speakers remain. Michif (also called Southern Michif, Heritage Michif, Michif Cree, and Awn/Aan Cree) is a language uniquely spoken by the Métis and exists in a number of dialects, such as Northern Michif (also called Michif, Michif Cree, or Northern Cree), and Michif French.

A community-based advisory group, formed by engaging language consultants, revitalization experts, and language champions from various Regions, with the purpose of providing critical feedback and growing awareness of the Michif language. As the foundation takes shape for further revitalization work in Michif, ongoing work is being completed to build community capacity though language revitalization and documentation workshops that will aid in the creation of relevant language programming.

Language documentation is an integral component of our mission to make the Michif language accessible to community members, educators, learners, and speakers. New language materials are being documented and existing recordings are being digitized with the purpose of sharing these valuable resources online, as well as aiding in the long-term preservation of these materials.

The research, development, and implementation of these activities and best practices relating to language reclamation, revitalization, and education are being carried out by the Louis Riel Institute. The Michif Portfolio will strengthen the Michif language by promoting, preserving and providing access to meaningful language resources to the Red River Métis community in the years to come.

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