Manitoba Métis Federation
The National Government of the Red River Métis

Since long before Canada became a country, the Red River Métis have had our own laws and our own democratic system of government. Our ancestral traditions served us well when others have challenged our homeland, our nation, our livelihood, or our family. Our roots gave us strength and continue to do so today.

The Manitoba Métis Federation continues the legacy of our ancestors as the national Government of the Red River Métis also known as the Manitoba Métis. As explained earlier, our name reflects the role the Red River Métis as Canada's Negotiating Partner in Confederation and the Founders of Manitoba.

The MMF was established in 1967 to provide democratic, responsible, and accountable governance on behalf of Red River Métis using the constitutional authorities delegated by our citizens. The MMF later incorporated as a requirement imposed on us by Canada in order to apply for programming. The Red River Métis is the Indigenous collective - made up of its Citizens and individuals entitled to be Citizens -located within what is now Manitoba as well as elsewhere inside and outside of Canada.

The MMF is the only officially recognized Métis Government in Canada. The MMF signed the Manitoba Métis Self-Government Recognition and Implementation Agreement with Canada at Upper Fort Garry on July 6, 2021. The agreement provided immediate recognition of the MMF as the democratically elected Métis Government for the Red River Métis.

The MMF represents the claims, rights, and interests of the Red River Métis. We have never been defined by others. We promote and continue to use the 2002 Métis Nation definition resolution of the Métis National Council. The MMF represents the one and only Métis Nation as we connect back to our roots - back to our origins -the Red River Métis.

The MMF will protect the Red River Métis beyond borders, throughout our homeland, and indeed wherever our Citizens live across Canada and beyond. We have always been the protectors of the Métis Nation and national definition. We stand ready to defend the Métis Nation.

Part of the legacy of colonialism are the boundaries that cut up our traditional territory, have isolated our people, and fractured our governance. These boundaries include the provincial borders. These borders are artificial and not of our choosing. Since 2014 the MMF has taken steps to unite the Red River Métis and bring everyone home. To be clear, our MMF Citizens do not have to be residents of Manitoba.

Since our ethnogenesis as a People - since the very beginning of our existence - we have had the three main governance institutions of President, Council (also called Cabinet), and Assembly. From the time of the buffalo hunt, these institutions provide the structure for our collective and democratic decision-making.

These three institutions are a hard-won legacy formed in the crucible of a unique history of cultural practices, military campaigns, and political arenas. Our governance institutions have evolved and continue to evolve. These three remain critical to our Red River Métis Government. MMF President David Chartrand with his Cabinet of twenty-two Ministers provide reports to the Assembly and use the Assembly to seek guidance from our People. The Assembly is integral to your Métis Government as we continue to provide open, accountable, and democratic governance to our Citizens.

The MMF delivers programs and services including in the sectors of child and family services; justice; housing; youth; education; human resources; economic development and natural resources. The MMF along with its affiliated corporations, authorities and agencies has just under one thousand employees to develop and administer programs and services.

For more information about the MMF governance, please visit our MMF Caucus & Cabinet page.

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