Citizen Spotlight

This section will feature stories highlighting Red River Métis Citizens in the Community, along with MMF programs, initiatives, projects, and events. Since these stories will reflect both our English-speaking and French-speaking Red River Métis, some stories will appear solely in English or French. These pieces of literature will vary in format from written stories to videos. Check out the page regularly for fresh new content.

Fête Ice Cream & Coffee

October 14, 2021

Élise Page et Teri-Lynn Friesen sont copropriétaires de Fête Ice Cream & Coffee, une entreprise métisse située au centre-ville de Winnipeg.

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Pichette honours Ancestors through mukluk beadwork

October 10, 2021

Métis artist Michelle Pichette created a pair of mukluks this past spring, titled "Where They Walked," to honour her paternal Indigenous female Ancestors.

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