Métis Child and Family
Services Authority

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Minister: Mona Buors

Our Authority

The Métis Child and Family Services Authority is a non-profit organization responsible for the administration and provision of child and family services by the agencies under its jurisdiction, Métis Child and Family Community Services and Michif Child and Family Services.

As Bill C-92, An Act respecting First Nations, Inuit and Métis children, youth and families comes into fruition, our responsibilities as a CFS organization have never been higher. The Métis will soon fall under federal jurisdiction and be recognized as an independent nation responsible for the care of its own children.

We are excited to have the independence and freedom to protect and care for our children in a safe and culturally appropriate environment. As we work toward increased independence and improved systematic functionality, our children continue to grow as Inuit and Métis children on the Red River Métis homeland.

We will continue to provide our children with the best care possible, and continually ask ourselves "is it good for the child?"

Minister Responsible for Métis and Child Family Services Mona Buors

Our Vision

Strong and vibrant Métis and Inuit families with safe and healthy children.

Our Mission

Métis Child and Family Services Authority contributes to strong and healthy Métis and Inuit families and communities through culture, values and heritage supported through the wisdom of our Elders.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Ensure daily practice is guided by asking ourselves "Is It Good For The Children?"
  • Change the landscape and history of child welfare practices through recognizing the importance of reconciliation, culture and family.
  • Recognize the responsibility for decision-making stays with the family, extended family and community whenever possible.
  • Provide community-based supports to our agencies that mirror the needs of the children and families.
  • Recognize the importance of reflecting family values through our service delivery.
  • Apply the wisdom of Elders to guide our decisions and service practices that we know will impact future generations.
  • Respect and honor the diverse individuality of all people.
  • Support our agencies to build capacity within the original family unit to care for and provide a safe environment for their children.

    Our Agencies

Métis Child and Family Community Services


Métis families and communities have the right and responsibility to care for children. Métis Child, Family and Community Services will work to strengthen the capacity of families to care for children through culturally relevant community-based programs. We believe in the inherent strength of our families and in the need to build on the capacity of our community to care for and nurture Metis children.


Winnipeg Region | Southeast Region | Interlake Region

Michif Child and Family Services.

Guiding Principles

  1. Métis families and communities are the cornerstone of the Métis Nation and the service delivery system must reflect this vision.
  2. The family is the center of Inuit culture and cooperation and sharing are basic principles in Inuit society.
  3. Responsibility for decision-making regarding Métis and Inuit children and families lies with the family, extended family and community whenever possible.
  4. The organizational structure promotes and supports community governance at all levels.
  5. The service delivery system will encompass both formal and informal elements.
  6. The service delivery system must be operated in an efficient and effective manner.
  7. The service delivery system will be outcome-based and will reflect the core guiding principles of Michif Child and Family Services.


Southwest Region | Northwest Region | The Pas, Thompson Regions

Please visit us online at: www.metisauthority.com


Email: info@metisauthority.com
Phone: (204) 949-0220

Media inquiries: kat.patenaude@mmf.mb.ca,

If you think a child is being harmed or neglected, contact CFS at 1-866-345-9241.
If you are reporting an URGENT CHILD PROTECTION ISSUE please contact ANCR at 1-888-945-2627

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday - 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

B300-150 Henry Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 0J7

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