Indigenous Homes Innovation Initiative

In April 2019, the Government of Canada launched the Indigenous Homes Innovation Initiative to support innovative Indigenous-led housing ideas. Of 342 applicants, 24 projects were selected by the Initiative's Indigenous Steering Committee to begin the planning and development stage. Two proposals submitted by the MMF were approved by the committee and are in development, including a "Ronald McDonald Charity House" concept that would provide temporary housing for Métis families who need a place to stay while their loved one receives treatment at a hospital (Michif Manor) and a transitional home for CFS Métis Youth who are aging out of care and need that little bit of extra support to provide them with the skills they need to be an adult (Infinity House of Hope - Mazoun).These projects are currently in development and will be based out of Winnipeg, with the expected completion date to be between late 2022/early 2023.

Michif Manor: Michif Manor is a housing concept similar to the Ronald McDonald Charity House in the sense that it will provide culturally appropriate, affordable temporary housing for Métis families while their loved one receives medical treatment in Winnipeg. With limited temporary housing available, our Citizens who live in remote or rural villages often have no choice but to stay in a hotel or other expensive accommodations without supports while they or their loved one receive care. The cost is prohibitive for many and the experience, for those who can afford it, can be alienating and impersonal. Michif Manor will therefore act as a 'home away from home' for rural Manitoba Metis when they or their loved one must travel to Winnipeg to access health services.

The Manor will include 10 double occupancy rooms and 2 family rooms. The double occupancy rooms will resemble a standard hotel room with two queen sized beds and will accommodate one to four people. The family rooms will closely resemble a hotel suite, with two queen beds and a pull-out couch. Family rooms can accommodate up to six people. All rooms will have their own kitchenette as well as a washroom with a shower.

Michif Manor will offer culturally appropriate lodging and amenities to support Metis ways of healing. In keeping with the principle of wichetowin - we look out for one another - family unity and informal caregiving are fundamental values of the Metis Nation. For many, being away from family while receiving care in a large institution can be a traumatic experience. To support Metis families and individuals, Michif Manor will not only provide a safe, accessible, and culturally welcoming home away from home, but will also offer spaces for socializing, educational programming, relaxation, reflection and a communal food preparation and dining area. Cultural education and programming will be delivered through existing MMF programs at the facility. The Manitoba Metis Federation's Department of Housing and Property Management and Department of Health and Wellness will operate Michif Manor.

Michif Manor will be located at 790 Notre Dame Avenue, which is strategically located to provide immediate access to the Health Sciences Centre (HSC), the Children's Hospital of Winnipeg, the HSC Women's Hospital, Canadian Blood Services and the Manitoba Clinic. This central location also provides for easy access to the airport, numerous grocery stores, restaurants, a bakery and a pharmacy.

Infinity House of Hope - Mazoun: Studies show that youth aging out of care are more likely to become unemployed, homeless and/or incarcerated than their peers; and Metis youth are at an even higher risk than their non-Indigenous peers. Recognizing these adverse outcomes, the MMF is in the process of building Mazoun, which will serve as transitional housing for Metis youth who age out of care and will provide them with wrap-around and culturally-safe services. The goal of Mazoun is to change the status quo for our Metis youth in car and to immerse them in our culture with the support of our Elders, mentors, and care workers so that they can thrive as adults. Another thing that's unique about the project is that Mazoun will be the first Metis-specific housing and support program like this in Canada.

Mazoun will be located at Edison Avenue in Winnipeg and will include 12 one-bedroom apartments, three guest suites and three emergency dorm rooms. As Métis youth age out of Child and Family Services care, we recognize that some young adults require a little bit of extra support and skills-training to be successful outside of care. As a result, Mazoun will offer Metis youth aged 16-21 with culturally specific services, supports and skills-training while also providing for a safe and secure place to live. Some of the services that will be offered include a cultural mentorship program, the Metis Spirit Program, therapy and Skills for life, which will provide youth with one-on-one life skills lessons.

B300-150 Henry Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 0J7

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